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Reusable Products

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Abdomen Binder

Ideally Suited for Patients after surgery After deliver to Support Muscles effective against breathing skin. Size - 50"x11" with 4 belt both side for overlap wear.

Size - 50"x11"

Baby Care Kit

The Baby Care Kit contains following items :
Baby Dress/Wear, Baby Nappies/Langothi, Baby Towel for Wrapping baby with hood Cap, Baby Protective Net, Baby Plastic Mat, Baby Toy, Baby Socks and Mittens, Kit Bag.

Bed Sheet & Pillow Cover

Cotton course yarn for Ruff & tuff use. Hospital name print on each bed Sheet (50 Pc. Minimum) Pillow Cover Size - 17 "x 26" With Zigzag Stitched.

Size - 17"x26".

Dr. Apon(Coat)

Design as per photograph.

Material - 65/35s T/C Troving Suiting.

Size - S,M,L,XL.

Colors - White & Blue.

Draw Sheet of 21st Century

It is a better replacement of "Macantose" Maintain Hospital Bed Sheet Clean Stains Free By "Innovative' s Thick Rubberized Draw Sheet Size 30"x36" 54"x36" with Four Side Tag For tie With cot also Available Laminated draw Sheet ( Cloth + Rubber Material).

Size - 30"x36" 54"x36".

Instrument Trolly Cover

Design as per Photograph material used - 100% cotton Casement & Improved cloth for top of trolly.

Size - 17"x26" 20"x30" 24"x36" Impervious part.

Mattress Cover

Innovative is mfg. all bed protecting products such as Mattress cover, Pillow case. These are made from soft rexine material for save your Mattress & make smell less and germs free.

Size - 75"x36" 72"x30"

Mother Care Kit

The Mother Care Kit contains following items :
Mother Gown, Bed Sheet, Rubber Hawai Chappal, Hand Washing Soap, Nail Cutter, Mother Kit Zipper Bag, Outer Bag.

O.T. Gown

Innovative O.T. Gown made with high quality material & unique design.
Regular : Casement Cotton cloth course count material.
Exclusive : Spun x Spun cloth(Wrinkle free light weight material).
Disposable : Sterile (It will go through ethylene oxide Sterilizer).
Surgical Gown are made by non woven material. Full length for max. coverage with cotton knitted cuffs, open back with a waist strips.

Size - 50" & 54" Length.

O.T. Table Sheet

Made up of soft Rubberised(Long Durable) Easily washable & Autoclavable stains of blood Body Fluid easily removable. Thickness of 0.60 mm & cross Section 75"x27".

Patients Dress Ladies / Gents

Descent dignified & Suitable for India Climate, made From cotton Fabric Ladies Gown reversible Wearing Gents- Kurta payzama.

Size - Adjustable.

Stretcher Sheet

Design as per photograph both side pipes holes the belts are fixed by heavy counted thread with ribets the weighing capacity is 240 kg.

Material - 24 heavy canvas with plastic laminated for easily clean stain.

Size - 72"x24".

Surgeone Dress / O.T. Dress

A unique 'V' neck of round, Short Sleeves, pants have elastic waist band can be any color of T -Shirt & trousers Material- Superfine Spum x Spum Wrinkle Free.

Size - S, M, XL.


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